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We are the primary makers of quality hardwood pin looms of all shapes and sizes! Need the looms for the projects in Meg Stumps newest book? This is where to find them. 4" Pin looms are just the start. Take a look at our Multi looms in wonderfully creative sizes to make your weaving projects perfect!


We also specialize in custom-designed looms created for YOU! Choose from many different size and wood options, along with unique designs.


We are pleased to have you visit. If there is anything that you are looking for and can't find, please feel free to ask us. 


Hand crafted looms made with the highest quality woods especially for YOU...

About Us

Established in 2000, Hazel Rose Looms has provided high quality weaving looms made from prime woods. Learn more

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When you order the 7, 101/2, 12, or 14 inch loom, one packing fork will be included Free.

Packing forks can be ordered on the loom page if you need more.

Do you have a basket full of odds and ends? Have you been admiring the knitted and crocheted wash clothes but would rather weave yours? Come join us Sunday Oct 8 at Lambtown Festival in Dixon, CA! We’ll be weaving washcloths on a 10” square diagonal weaving pin loom. You’ll learn this easy and fun technique and come away with a sturdy loom, a pretty washcloth, and lots of ideas for other projects using your loom!

Check it out!