The Peg Loom

This simple peg loom is fun for grown-ups and kids.  In fact, the entire family will enjoy weaving rugs, chair mats, pillows and even scarves on this easy loom. Our looms feature two sizes of pegs so you can use heavier or finer yarns to weave.


The actual weaving area of the loom is 36”. The small size pegs are 3/16th diameter with a 3/16th gap. There is 96 of them. The large are 3/8th diameter with a 3/8th gap and there are 48 of them. You get 2 extra small pegs and one large one with the loom for just in case the dog eats one or other accident. And of course, more are available should the need arise.




22 inch Peg Loom

36 inch Peg Loom