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About Hazel Rose Looms

This is a family business. Randy and I have really had fun working on these looms and we are quite proud of the results. I hope you will take a look and maybe be inspired to try this easy and fun method of weaving yourself.

Randy Spencer

Randy is a good sport as well as an excellent woodworker. Here he is modeling a shawl Hazel wove for her dad. Randy is a building contractor and enjoys finish work. He has been doing woodcrafts since he learned to whittle toys as a small boy. Now he is perfecting our loom designs, building jigs and shopping for the beautiful hardwoods. He gets good ideas, too!

Hazel Spencer

Hazel…well, that’s me… love to draw and paint as well as do crafts. I’ve retired from teaching art in an elementary school but I still like to dabble in all sorts of crafts. In fiber crafts, I spin, knit, crochet, weave, dye my hair with Kool-aid and have been frustrated trying to teach myself to tat. I sand, finish and pound nails in the shop. And edit and publish the instruction books, and am Head of the shipping department…. and the ‘tail’! At the moment I am busy weaving projects using these looms and working out new ones for your weaving enjoyment!

We believe in the highest quality products and services for all of our customers. We believe our customers are our greatest asset, and we are dedicated to serving your needs. Randy and I are building these looms just for you!

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