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Hats & Bags Book by Hazel Spencer


This book is a collection of felted and non-felted hats and bags woven on Hazel Rose Quilt Weaver looms.

There are 8 hats and 6 bags:  three smaller purses, one larger, a work bag and a large carry project bag.  I have used the Quilt Weaver and Tiny Weaver sets, the 12 and 14″ squares and the 14″ triangle in these projects.  However, they could be made using other sizes of looms, keeping in mind that you can make a square with two triangles and that four 7″ squares will assemble into nearly the same size as a 14″ square loom will weave.  

In the book are also instructions for making a little pin loom for weaving straps as well as a bit on color weaving and how to line your purse.  The projects range from very simple to mighty complex, for those who like a challenge!


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