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Starting Small by Hazel Spencer


Starting Small is several projects to introduce you to making clothing for your family and yourself. Once you find that you can weave practical and attractive clothing for your little ones, you can move on to larger projects with confidence. As laid out here, these outfits, woven on the Multi looms, will be about a size T2. The dresses, shirts & pants are woven using the Multi looms, triangles, and squares. They can also be woven with the Quilt Weaver looms, making adjustments for differences in size of loom and yarn type.

Remember that you are not weaving little blocks, you are weaving fabric and this fabric can be used just like any other of the same texture, meaning that if you need to adjust for size or style, you can cut and sew. Yes, you can sew by machine, too.  Enjoy the projects and use them as inspiration to create your own.


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