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Weaving Instruction Videos

Want to learn to weave? Check out Hazel Rose Loom’s instructional videos on YouTube. These show different techniques such as: multi-square weaving. weaving on a triangle loom, and weaving a whole square.

Even if you can’t knit or crochet and one look at a ‘regular’ loom scared you off, you’ll find working with these continuous weave looms really simple to learn and fun to do. There’s NO WARPING.  You use one strand from a center pull ball.

You don’t need a warping board, or a shuttle, you don’t need to know what a heddle is or how to read weaving charts. You weave from a single ball of yarn.

The 12″ square uses just 50 yards of yarn and the 12″ triangle half of that, or 25 yards. The Quilt Weaver set uses only 10 and 5 yards. You can see how easily it will use yarn left over from larger projects.   And they are fun.  Variegated yarns work beautifully with these looms, making plaids without any math on your part. The nails are set at 1/4 inch so that you can use your finer yarns too, to make lacy looking fabric.

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